Good Day

WordPress 2.5 is out but the blog won’t ride the hype anytime soon. I’ve been giving blogging a serious thought and its my duty to inform all readers I’ll be on hiatus from blogging until further notice.

The main reason, I’m freeing up time from blogging to do more with life. If you’ll really like to have a more in-depth understanding of the entire situation, I’ll recommend you pick up the book The 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss from your local bookstore.

When I return, I’ll definitely be blogging alot lesser but in future, I hope this little hobby of mine will continue to play an even more meaningful role then.

Meanwhile, I think WordPress 2.5 would play an awesome role as a Content Management System (CMS) and I’ll continue to design/paint and soldier till next year.

Cheers and have a good day!


Hiatus Log

  • Overseas training in Taiwan, freezing.
  • Touring Taipei, broke.
  • Chinese New Year in Singapore, filling.
  • Life without blogging, ridiculous.

I’m a little late on the updates but rest assured that I’m still alive and kicking and I don’t intend to quit blogging, just yet. Currently working on a couple of things as well as rethinking where my blog and website is heading next.

Expect updates within the next couple of weeks.


As a kid, I used to beam with excitement when I tried reaching for the skies while swinging above ground; I still feel the same way when I peer through the clouds from above every plane I board.

Just yesterday, I chanced upon a swing in the still of the night, and I lifted off closing my eyes trying to relieve the same moment I felt as a kid. I felt accomplished even when the feeling’s gone; its as if I finally manage to put a full stop and bury this treasured memory.

I guess that’s why they call me a dreamer.

Whatever’s with the nostalgia then, life goes on for the soldier..

Even on rainy days, when you’re sleeping outside the canopy of the forest shivering and hugging your rifle and pecking the hand guard every time you snooze. Then having breakfast in the early morning drizzle with the rifle wrapped around your torso.




Country of great weather, breathtaking sceneries and sumptuous food.

Through this short 7 days trip, my father and myself mainly did a great deal of hiking to immerse ourselves in nature’s transition to Fall and was traveling from point to point using various transport ranging from the famous bullet train (Shinkansen) to ropeway cable cars.

Love it / Hate it

Getting myself back in front of this keyboard after firing a rifle loaded with live rounds and getting dirty crawling in the mud outfield the past week feels kinda strange. The Google page, which is my default home page, seem to present a certain alienated majesty.

Just a couple of clicks and precise maneuvers with the mouse, I found myself downloading video game trailers with military theme. It feels weird when you’re showing sudden interest on a subject you previously wouldn’t even bother thinking, its even weirder when it starts appearing in your dreams.

Sign on with the Army? Nah.


Back from the Tekong jungle and missing everything civilization has to offer.

Ain’t much of a holiday but there are definitely unforgettable sights (like ant nests as high as my knees, spiders large enough to mask faces and battalions of mosquitoes) and sounds (like grunting wild boars, deafening gunfire and more mosquitoes.)

The only thing I’ll probably miss about my field camp would be gazing the night sky on the hills of Pulau Tekong with the soft winds whispering minus all the male bunk mates who’s just beside you.

Its been more than 2 months training as a soldier and sadly I’ve caught the National Service (NS) syndrome, where conversations with friends revolve mostly about my NS life. Dull.

Pretty much trying hard to broaden my horizons a little by reading whatever magazines and newspaper I can get my hands on in the bunk and looking forward to passing out as a Private and getting a short break overseas.

Just slightly less than a month from now.

7 Answers

Its amazing how events can change one’s perception of things. Its like suddenly you’re thinking with a completely new frame of mind and when you start looking back at things you couldn’t quite figure out before, answers start to present themselves.

Its hard to learn from mistakes. Even harder to realize making one.
Every time I blame someone for my problems, I find myself silly much later.

Giving back applies to everyone; that includes yourself.
Sometimes we don’t realize how little time and space we give ourselves. We ain’t God.

People will do anything to excuse themselves.
Not that I didn’t realized it earlier but it seems like it happens in alot more situations right now. Is it really that tough to be honest with oneself?

The essence of communication is simply sending and receiving.
I’ve always been on the receiving end of things; be it favors or relationships. Its not getting me anywhere long term; time to send my regards.

It takes time to know someone. Even longer to judge someone.
I used to think I’m really good at judging people. Well, I still think so but I guess I have no right to judge someone unless time has already put things to the test.

It takes great courage and perseverance to let go.
Because holding on to emptiness is just painfully a waste of time.

Assume nothing.
Because life is really unpredictable.

Two Weeks

Dear Readers,

I would be blogging less due to National Service and other commitments. I thank all loyal readers for their support and if possible, I’ll like to see myself blogging weekly, if not, bi-weekly.

I have nothing much to offer within this short weekend except an essay about 2 weeks of my army life, required for submission.

The next entry will definitely share no relation to National Service and that’s a promise.

Daylon Soh