“Art is given infinite possibilities by playing with basics (ideas). Because ideas are infinite… they can defy conventions and every preconceived possibility.”

What’s playwithideas.net?
Growing collection of literary & artistic works which stems from the pursuit of knowledge & creativity.

Why play with ideas?
The world is filled with incredible work realised through the creative collaboration of brilliant minds. These innovations were hardly mere coincidences and were likely the results of a good work flow which constitutes looping through discovery, experimentation and action.

How did it all began?
Discovering a keen interest in both academic and artistic disciplines, Daylon is most interested in focusing and expanding his existing capabilities in the areas of:

    Visual Communication to simplify complex ideas for maximum impact
    Photo Essays to engage audiences in true stories of interest
    Design Thinking to solve problems and create new opportunities for enterprises through digital solutions

Where do you come from?
Formerly a digital media design graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic and avid Toastmaster, Daylon has since blend his passion in art and business into a creative network, CuriousCore.

While work simulates his mind intellectually, being a self-starter with projects from organising monthly CreativeMornings / Singapore sessions to managing OpenBrief helps to keep him socially connected to the creative community at large.