Freedom Isn’t Free

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15 June 2007

answer to the most frequently asked question “When are you enlisting?”

For the next 2 years, I would see myself repaying a debt that has kept me a free man for the past 20 years.

Despite vicious rants from locals who have already walk this accursed path, or so they claim… I harbor no ill feelings towards National Service or the local government, yet. But if I ever start complaining like they do, remind me again that real men don’t whine.

With 9 remaining days of freedom, I’m not rushing to accomplish things. Once I’ve done my deed, I’ll spearhead myself to Art Center, hopefully.


  1. DK

    Well.… it isn’t that bad. Wait till you finish your NS and go for ICT.… then its bad. :P

    Good luck in army. And take care.

  2. DizZy


    And thanks for the well wishes dude.

  3. jen

    so long you dont sign on, you shouldnt be whining much.
    and im gna sign on with navy. HAHA

  4. DizZy

    Its ok for girls to whine, no big deal. For guys, different.

    Sign on to navy? Respect

    A girl signing on to navy? Respect x10

  5. Kevin

    Freedom is not free, yea, but is are Singaporeans empowered with freedom? haha…

  6. DizZy

    Haha, its not that bad la. At least better than North Korea rite?

  7. Kevin

    How can you compare apples to oranges…

  8. DizZy

    True, but u can’t turn apples to bananas too.

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