credit: Isaac, Seras V


Everyone got your New Year Resolutions ready?

I haven’t, since those never really worked for me for as long as I remember.

What you have lost can only be found inside you. What you perceived to have lost is often just beside you.

Just as I was doing a little housekeeping this morning, a flurry of dust and dirt caught me whenever strong winds started blowing through the windows.

It’s been tough tidying up with the windy conditions outside but my efforts were not in vain having found a few surprises while stumbling upon things I thought I’ve misplaced (e.g. the blue health booklet which kept all our medical records back in primary school) and items that dates back to about a decade ago (e.g. poster/checklist with all the first 160 Pokémon)

Its been a rather rewarding day filled with pleasant surprises for this old habit of mine not to dispose of useless items. Looking at some of those items after so many years, some actually appear pretty meaningful right now; feels just like reading an old book again.