7 Answers

Its amazing how events can change one’s perception of things. Its like suddenly you’re thinking with a completely new frame of mind and when you start looking back at things you couldn’t quite figure out before, answers start to present themselves.

Its hard to learn from mistakes. Even harder to realize making one.
Every time I blame someone for my problems, I find myself silly much later.

Giving back applies to everyone; that includes yourself.
Sometimes we don’t realize how little time and space we give ourselves. We ain’t God.

People will do anything to excuse themselves.
Not that I didn’t realized it earlier but it seems like it happens in alot more situations right now. Is it really that tough to be honest with oneself?

The essence of communication is simply sending and receiving.
I’ve always been on the receiving end of things; be it favors or relationships. Its not getting me anywhere long term; time to send my regards.

It takes time to know someone. Even longer to judge someone.
I used to think I’m really good at judging people. Well, I still think so but I guess I have no right to judge someone unless time has already put things to the test.

It takes great courage and perseverance to let go.
Because holding on to emptiness is just painfully a waste of time.

Assume nothing.
Because life is really unpredictable.

Two Weeks

Dear Readers,

I would be blogging less due to National Service and other commitments. I thank all loyal readers for their support and if possible, I’ll like to see myself blogging weekly, if not, bi-weekly.

I have nothing much to offer within this short weekend except an essay about 2 weeks of my army life, required for submission.

The next entry will definitely share no relation to National Service and that’s a promise.

Daylon Soh